Upgrades and Migrations

As your business grows, we will exploit the power of ever- changing technologies to harness efficiency and your profitability. Simple Tech Solution's staff strives for an optimal IT environment that will support your key business needs.

At some point during an organization's life span, the need to renovate and refresh some or all business systems becomes essential. Simple Tech Solutions will be proactive in identifying these events while keeping the 'business case', cost and scalability at the forefront of our planning.

Virtualization Projects:

Virtualizing your environment can help with organization, flexibility, improve efficiency and save money on hardware costs and maintenance.

Our team will choose the best virtualization technology within your budget and scope. Other benefits of virtualizing your infrastructure include Isolating unstable legacy applications, improving response times for outages and disaster recovery; reduce switch ports utilization, cooling needs and power usage. Let Simple Tech Solutions help you plan your options and design the most suitable virtualization solution for your business.

Cloud Services & Migrations:

Simple Tech Solutions will explore your cloud options in order to establish the best strategy and ensure that there is a full understanding of the benefits, budget, business operation and usability implications of such a move. Other benefits of Cloud Migration are flexibility for organizations to design new configurations that can be up and running within hours or minutes.

Allow Simple Tech Solutions to migrate or add services to your hosted environment. Our experienced team will migrate your data base, servers, email and applications to a cloud dedicated and virtual environment.

Your company will have the ability to experiment new configurations, perform smooth mergers and acquisitions. You will be able to duplicate or adopt other successful business processes virtually and give your new virtual infrastructure a test drive.