Software Development:

The software development engineers are capable of providing Front /Back-end design and development services, implementing programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Objective-C, Python, Ruby, C++ and experiential design skillsets. We have a team of specialists who build web and native phone apps (Android SDK, iOS and Windows Phone). Also included in our development team are Big Data, Data Science and Data Analytic experts. The developers are all supported by our security engineers utilizing LDAP, AD, SSL encryption protocols.

Data Research & Analysis:

Our data research and analysis methods are capable of delivering protest & simulation of products via machine learning models, existing model improvements, customized models, variable selection, model selection, Education & training. Our Big data infrastructure expertise includes, but not limited to cloud migration, improved scalability, performance and usability of data with integration, regulation & compliance. Along with consumer data we will, integrate with existing data and deliver analysis & strategic reports using toolsets including Elastic MapReduce, Hadoop, Hive and Pig. Our team is based on Agile methodology, six sigma and lean with PMP certifications.